Fall 2018 – Morris & Fairmount Parks


WS150 – Water slightly cloudy in Sept and Oct. New bank erosion noted every month of the fall, in Sept at a drainage pipe, and in Oct and Nov on the opposite bank of the creek. Vegetation decreases with the season did not help increasing erosion issues. Stenton Ave bridge remained free of debris throughout the fall, a major improvement. There is a PECO utility pole, and the ground around this pole is eroding. Maybe only another foot of soil left to erode until the pole topples over.

WS160 – Water was generally clear, which was surprising sometimes even with the high flows from rain. Abundant algae was noted throughout the fall months. New bank erosion noted in September and November (noted on opposite bank the deposition and later removal of large woody debris, and on the same side bank under a tree). There was a large deposition of sand at the site on rocky outcrops in September, the size and location of which volunteers had not seen before. Lots of wildlife sightings, including red-bellied woodpeckers, orb spiders, and blue jays. Higher than usual flows due to rains.

WS165 – Water was opaque after a rainy observation in September. Water level was higher than normal and flows were noted as swift through September and November. New bank erosion and sediment deposition noted in September and November. Trash accumulating against shores from rains carrying down debris.

WS170 – Not monitored this quarter.

WS180 – No major changes at this site in the fall. Some increased and then decreased sediment deposition noted in October and November respectively. Moderate algae, and small leaf packs accumulating.

WS190 – Submerged leaf packs in creek (good bug habitat!). Rooted floating vegetation in creek in September. Changes in sediment deposition noted at the confluence of the Monoshonee and Wissahickon. Ducks, snake, spiders, squirrels, woodpeckers observed this fall. Unfortunately Creek Watchers had to collect assorted trash from their site and walking section, including kitty litter bucket and plastic bags.


Erosion rampant throughout sites (WS150, WS160, WS165).

Erosion of utility pole could pose problem at WS150.

Ongoing erosion at WS160 – could be ideal for bank pins.



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